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The Miniature Gazette

The Official Publication of the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts.

In addition to carrying NAME news and information, the Gazette has lots of other interesting items, like:

  • Work ProjectsGazette Cover
  • Houseparty/Convention Headlines
  • Bulletin Board for Important Notices
  • Calendar of Events
  • Special Features
  • NAME Representatives
  • NAME Shop Members


a few pages from the First Edition of the NAME Gazette from 1972!
( This is a large download and not recommended for dialup connections.)


The Miniature Gazette is published 6 times a year


Contact the Gazette Editor:

Dorothy A. Hansen
PO Box 1285
Monroe, WA 98272-4285


Issue Deadline
Jan/Feb October 1
Mar/Apr December 1
May/Jun February 1
Jul/Aug April 1
Sep/Oct June 1
Nov/Dec August 1