2022 Portland, OR - All Scales Houseparty

Come Fly With Me

To the registrants of the Portland “Come Fly with Me” 2022 Houseparty,
Sadly, but with a sense of responsibility for your safety, the Board of Trustees voted this evening to cancel the in-person Portland House Party as it is currently planned.  
This was one of the toughest decisions we have made. The risk of  transmitting COVID 19 and the Omicron variant impacting the event either directly or indirectly was just too great to proceed. 
In the next couple of days, we will be working on some options for your continued participation in some elements of the House Party. Please be patient as we work out the details.  
All registered participants will be receiving both an email notice and a written communication explaining your new options by the end of this week.

On behalf of your NAME Board of Directors,
Your President,
Roy Moore


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Portland Houseparty Announcement

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Updated Code of Ethics and Cancellation Form

Pre-Convention Workshops

Registered Workshops

Theme Luncheons

Thursday Evening Workshop

Dealer List

Flight Crew (Committee List)

Chair Ruth Stewart ruth@stewartdollhousecreations.com
Assistant-Chair Debbie Young yngathrt@gv.net
Advisor Jane Payne paynejb@hotmail.com
Operations Dan Stewart dan@stewartdollhousecreations.com
Assistant-Chair Jeff Packard yngathrt@gv.net
Sales Room Chair Georgia Queen georgiaq@aol.com
Assistant-Chair Jean Lierman tojean@frontier.com
Centerpieces Chair Robin Betterley robin@robinbetterley.com
Assistant-Chair Shawn Betterley shawn@robinbetterley.com
Souvenirs Chair Nancye Claypool johnson.nancye@gmail.com
Assistant-Chair Alician Pearce  ubfaep@yahoo.com
Door Prizes Chair Rosie Shipman minirose@nwi.net
Swaps Chair Marcia Hudspeth HnMHuds@aol.com
Assistant-Chair Mary Johnson ejmary@charter.net
Roundtables Chair Sherri Martin sherrimartin4@comcast.net
Assistant-Chair Angelika Oeckl aoeckl@yahoo.com
Exhibits Chair Marla Nulph mjn_453@comcast.net
Exhibits Assistant-Chair Fay Liner fayliner@msn.com
Registration Chair Barbara Thornton-Hill bathca@gmail.com
Workshops Chair Barbara Lundberg barbara.lundberg@comcast.net
Assistant-Chair Jean Bevens littledoc25@comcast.net
Houseparty Helpers Chair Lisa Gabbert lisag526@frontier.com
Publicity Chair Sarah Westenberg sawestenberg@msn.com
Hospitality Chair Kristen Itokazu Kazuclan@att.net
Assistant-Chair Lynn Mariano marianofam4@yahoo.com
Table Host/Hostess Chair Pat Perry paperry@shaw.ca
Assistant-Chair Doreen Lindsay dflindsay@shaw.ca
Tote Bags Chair Pamela Teal pcteal@yahoo.com
Thursday Night Project Chair Carlene Brown petecar55@yahoo.com
Theme Luncheons Chair Leanne Kirsch lkirsch@drtel.net
Gold Star Volunteers Joanne Forsstrom jsforsstrom@gmail.com
Auction Chair Rhonda Keef minicollector@yahoo.com
Souvenir Book Jean Lierman tojean@frontier.com

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