2023 Cape Cod, MA National Convention

NAME National 2023 will be held in
Hyannis, Cape Cod, MA

Date: August 17-20, 2023

General registration opens January 20, 2023.
Registration form will be in Nov/ Dec Issue of the Gazette.

Workshop, Dealer, and Theme Luncheon Presenters Applications are due Oct. 31. 2022. Apps are available below 

More info coming soon

Kim Carlson, Hosting Chair  -  capecodcarlson67@gmail.com

Joanne Kelsall Asst. Chair -  tljak44@hotmail.com

Message from Kim & Joanne

Why the Venue Change?


A lot of changes happened during COVID…. Portland was rescheduled twice, then canceled. Indianapolis was canceled. We were able to re-negotiate a contract with the same hotel in Indianapolis for the 2022 event.

Providence 2021 was put on hold. We were unable to re-negotiate a contract with the hotel in Providence that met our needs for a convention in 2023. Luckily, we were able to get a very good offer from the Cape Cod Hyannis Resort/Conference Center. The Steering Committee from Providence will remain the same, Kim Carlson is the Hosting Chair, and JoAnne Kelsall is her Assistant. There may be a few changes to the committee as people’s life situations may have changed. The Steering Committee is super excited to host this event at the Cape Cod Hyannis Resort/Conference Center. The area has so much to offer, and fits their “From Sea to Shining Sea” theme perfectly. The Conference Center is about 5 miles from the Atlantic Ocean to the south, and about 5 miles to the beaches on Cape Cod Bay

The Steering Committee is planning a wonderful Convention, souvenirs are already purchased, Committee gifts and tote bags are prepared. Looking forward to seeing everyone in  Cape Cod, MA.

Leanne Kirsch

NAME HP/Convention Liaison

Apps for Workshops, Dealers, Theme Luncheons

These forms are in fillable PDF format. If you have Adobe Reader (built-into some browers), you can type on the form. If you'd like to save these in a pdf format to send electronically, find the adobe print on your printer selection. You will be asked for a file name first and then click to save.

All three of these have a deadline of Oct. 31, 2022

Workshop Application Form - click here (Workshop Chairman:  Ann Pennypacker aminithing@gmail.com  )

Dealer Application Form - click here Sales Room Chairman’s:  Pete Boorum smallife@myfairpoint.net  )

Theme Luncheon Application Form - click here Theme Luncheon Chairman: Kim Wood GWood14@att.net )


Committee Members

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