Allegra’s Dream

Excerpt from the first issue of the Miniature Gazette – September, 1972

The National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts has been organized to serve the miniature collector and builder, and its object is to create, stimulate and maintain a national interest in all matters pertaining to miniatures, to serve as a clearing house for ideas relating to miniature collecting and building, and to encourage new and creative talent.

Allegra’s Dream

            For forty years, I have dreamed of a national organization for miniature lovers.  Last year, in 1971, the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. National convention was here in Los Angeles.  Seven miniature enthusiasts sat together at the banquet. At midnight, we met in one of the rooms to have a “show and tell” of our purchases.  All seven agreed to meet at each convention.  We made our dream known.  We were asked to give a 90 minute program this year at the national convention in Omaha in August.  We are to show slides of the Mott Miniatures with explanation, tell of projects we made in the Mott Miniature and Doll Club which has been meeting for one and one-half years, and a discussion of the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts. 

            Fifteen of us, plus suggestions from the other five of that seven of last August, have written the By-Laws and started N.A.M.E.  It has been a labor of love, and another dream come true!  In N.A.M.E. there is a place for everyone, every facet of miniature collection.  Being human, we are not always interested in all facets of miniature collection, but that is good because it stimulates business and fills the need of all.  What fives a person joy and satisfies his desire is marvelous.  It is the intention of this organization to bind together all of those who are interested.  There must be no one hurt, but all will be helped.  We worked alone for so many years and could find nothing in the libraries to help us.  Now, through N.A.M.E. , we want to share the joys we have had – for only through sharing can we fully enjoy or hobby, our life. 

The Founding Board of Directors of N.A.M.E. consist of the following 15 members:

  • Mrs. Allegra Mott
  • Miss Barbara Mott
  • Miss Elizabeth Mott
  • Mrs. Marjorie Siebert
  • Mr. John Blauer
  • Mrs. Bea De Armond
  • Mr. Jay De Armond
  • Mrs. Kay Harrell
  • Mr. James Harrell
  • Miss Irma Park
  • Mrs. Vivian Boydstun
  • Mr. Max Boydstun
  • Mrs. Edna Atchison
  • Mrs. Dorothy von Fliss
  • Mr. Robert von Fliss

Honorary Founders of N.A.M.E. consist of the following 8 members:

  • Mrs. Allegra Mott
  • Mr. Dewitt Mott
  • Mrs. W.R. Mahoney
  • Mr. Jean O. Elliott
  • Mr. Thomas Devereux
  • Mrs. W. Franklin Farnsworth
  • Reverend S. A. Parvin
  • Mr. Bud Murphy
  • Mr. Larry Bellis

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