NAME Code of Ethics


I. Introduction

II. Mission Statement

III. Ethical Standards

IV. Members in Good Standing

V. Afterword

I. Introduction:

As a matter of fundamental principle, NAME members should adhere to the highest ethical standards because it is the right thing to do. New members will be attracted to our organization if they perceive us to be fun loving, caring, sharing and of a trustworthy nature. Donors and volunteers support charitable organizations because they trust them to carry out their missions and to be good stewards of their resources.

NAME and other nonprofit organizations must earn this trust every day; however organizations are, at base, people, and it is up to members to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to the core values of integrity, honesty, fairness, openness, respect, and responsibility.

II. Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts to promote miniatures through education and to build friendships and skills through the sharing of experience and ideas.

III. Ethical Standards:

While striving to act according to the above values, NAME members, leaders and staff, agree to abide by the NAME Ethical Standards. Violation of the standards may subject the member to disciplinary actions, including expulsion, as provided in the NAME Code of Regulations. Adherence to currently prevailing local, state and/or federal civil and criminal laws is the minimum standard of expected behavior.

A: Member Obligations:

  1. Members shall not engage in activities that harm the member’s organization.

  2. Members shall not engage in abusive language toward a staff member, volunteer or another participant.

    Verbal abuse, physical abuse, threat or harassment of another participant, staff member or volunteer is prohibited.

  3. Members shall not possess or consume illegal drugs at NAME functions.

  4. Members shall not bring onto site dangerous or unauthorized materials such as explosives, firearms, weapons or other similar items without a permit.

  5. Members shall not engage in activities that conflict with the fiduciary ethical and legal obligations of NAME.

  6. Members shall demonstrate responsibility in their financial obligations to NAME.

  7. Members shall effectively disclose all potential and actual conflicts of interests; such disclosure does not preclude or imply ethical impropriety.

  8. Members shall not exploit any relationship with a donor, prospect, volunteer or employee for the benefit of the member or the member’s business.

  9. Members shall comply with all applicable local, state, provincial and federal civil and criminal laws.

  10. Members recognize their individual boundaries of competence and are forthcoming and truthful about their professional experience and qualifications and will represent their achievements accurately and without exaggeration.

  1. Members shall preserve and supply products and /or services honestly and without misrepresentation.

  2. Members shall refrain from knowingly infringing on the intellectual property rights of other parties at all times. Members shall address and rectify any inadvertent infringement that may occur.

  3. Members shall protect the confidentiality of all privileged information relating to their volunteer relationship within the organization. Members shall not disclose privileged or confidential information to unauthorized parties.

14. Members shall adhere to the rules and regulations contained in the NAME Code of Regulations.

 B: Solicitation and Use of Philanthropic Funds:

  1. Members shall take care to ensure that all solicitation and communication materials on behalf of NAME accurately and correctly reflect the organization’s mission and use of solicited funds.

  2. Members receiving donations on behalf of NAME shall take care to ensure that donors receive informed, accurate and ethical advice about the value and tax implications of contributions.

  3. Members shall take care to ensure that contributions are used in accordance with donors’ intentions.

  4. Members shall obtain explicit consent by donors before altering the conditions of contributions.

C: Compensation and Contracts:

Members shall neither offer nor accept payments or special considerations for the purpose of influencing the selection of products or services.

IV. Member in Good Standing:

Member in Good Standing is the status assigned to a Member of NAME when he or she has remained current on

membership dues and has maintained the Member Obligations set forth above. Being a Member in Good Standing affirms the Member’s commitment to the vision of the NAME, reflected in its Code of Ethics, to which all members are bound, and to the Code of Regulations and policies. It is expected that members in good standing will work collaboratively to strengthen NAME and will not engage in any activities that put NAME in financial or structural jeopardy, nor engage in any activities that will bring discredit to NAME.

Members in good standing:

 -- are eligible to be elected to Executive Board positions
 -- are eligible to be elected or appointed to State and Regional Representative positions have the right to exercise one vote in any election of NAME
 -- are eligible to vote on presented items at the National Business Meeting

V. Afterwords:

While the NAME Board of Trustees has given its approval to this document, it will continue to be reviewed and revised as necessary.

Adopted: September 2013 

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