NAME Day 2023


The 2023 NAME Day Project will be:
The Three Sided Vignette 



2023 NAME DAY Photos

2023 NAME Day Cutters

These people have registered with the NAME Day Committee to cut kits for NAME Day this year.  There may be other people in your area cutting kits but they have not sent us their information as of March 5, 2023 - so they are not listed here

   *** Some of these cutters have deadlines for ordering.  Be sure to check with them as to cut off dates for ordering.  ORDER EARLY to be sure of availability.
Also, please be sure to find out what your cutter is including in his/her kit.  There are differences between what different cutters include.

ORDERING DEADLINE:  August 15, 2023 (unless otherwise stated) for guaranteed delivery in time for the October 7th event.  However, individual cutters may use their discretion in determining whether to accept orders after that date.  Cutters may also establish an earlier cut-off date. 

Cutter Chair:
  Barbara Thornton-Hill,

Liz West,   Taffy and Me Creations

6366 County Rd 50, RR#4  Campbellford, Ontario CANADA


705-632-0704  (EDT)

Laser-cut:  Birch Plywood

Scales &Price:  ¼”:  $15.00/ea kit 

   1” available on request, price TBA



Shipping:  to be added at time of shipping

Paypal preferred, check (US & Canada) accepted.

Contact cutter for other kit prices and/or accessories
Liz's Flyer



Alician Pearce,   Blackthorn Miniatures on Etsy

605 Wexford Road   Janesville, WI  53546

608-751-1270 (CDT)

Laser-cut: Basswood, Cherry

Deadline: 9/01/23


Price & Scales:  1”, ½”. ¼”

Shipping: to be added at time of shipping

Checks preferred, Paypal or money orders accepted

Contact cutter for prices or accessories
Alician's Flyer (three parts - so scroll)


Connie Reagan,  Grandgirl Miniatures

24 Sawyer Street   Portland, ME 04103


Laser-cut:  Basswood

Scales:  1”, ½”, ¼”

Deadline: 8/15/23

Ask for her flyer for extras to go with your display box

Connie's Flyer

Shipping:  to be added at time of shipping

Paypal preferred, check or credit card accepted.

Contact cutter for kit price or accessories



Stephanie Engeseth,  S & S Furniture Co

14294 SE Clackamas Dr.   Clackamas, OR 97015-7273 


760-815-3918 (PDT)

Laser-cut: Basswood & Plywood

Scales:  1”, ½”, ¼”

Deadline: 8/15/23

Ask for her flyer for extras to go with your display box

Stephanie's Flyer

Shipping:  to be added at time of shipping

Paypal, check or credit card accepted.

Contact cutter for kit price or accessories


Susan Karatjas,   sdk miniatures LLC

810 Balmoral Court    Moon Township, PA 15108

724-388-2901 (EDT)

Laser-cut: Basswood

½”= $18,  ¼”= $15,  1/144”= $10

Deadline: 8/15/20


Shipping:  to be added at time of shipping

Paypal, credit cards, US checks/money orders accepted

Contact cutter for other information accessories





2023 NAME Day Events & Event Application


Event Application form is available download here You can still use this form to  register your event and have it added to the list here on the website through August. If you register by July 15th, you'll still be eligible for your free kit.



Alician Pearce, 608‐751‐1270
Event Location: 2233 Humes Rd, Janesville, WI 53545
Hosted By: MAME
Event Date: October 7, 2023, Time: 10:00 to 2:00
Details: Totebags, Roundtable Sales, Souvenirs, raffles. Bring your own lunch or buy lunch at the event. Sign‐ups until: September 01, 2023, All NAME Members are welcome.

Carla Burruss, 312‐404‐7986
Event Location: TBD – Probably “ZOOM”
Hosted By: Mini Wonders in Chicago
Event Date: TBD
Details: Contact Carla, All NAME Members are welcome.


Gail Alexander
Event Location:  Deer Park Branch Library, 4020 Galbraith Rd, Cincinnati, OH
Hosted By: Miniature Society of Cincinnati
Event Date: October 7, 2023, Time: 10 am – ‘till ?
Details: FREE – Potluck, with main course provided. All NAME Members are welcome.

Ellen Yunker, 502‐727‐1959
Event Location: Beargrass Christian Church, 4100 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY
Hosted By: Louisville Miniature Club
Event Date: October 7, 2023 ‐ 10:00 to 4:00
Details: Door Prizes, Doughnuts & fun for everyone. All NAME Members are welcome.


Linda Labelle, 804‐264‐0364
Event Location: Ridge Baptist Church,1515 E. Ridge Rd, Richmond, VA
Hosted By: Virginia Miniature Enthusiasts
Event Date: October 1, 2023, Time: 1:00 pm
Details: Sign‐ups until: May 31st, 2023. All NAME Members are welcome.


Bonnie Helterhoff
Event Location: Ariana Village Clubhouse, Lakeland, FL
Hosted By: Lakeland Miniature Guild
Event Date: October 7, 2023, Time: 10:00 to 4:00
Details: 1” Scale – Club only event

Libby Agee, 901‐323‐8653
Event Location: TBA
Hosted By: TRI‐M
Event Date: October 7, 2023, Time: 10:00 am
Details: Share a dish meal, cost is kit only, 1:12 scale Sign‐ups until: September 25, 2023, All NAME Members are welcome.


Sue Ostheimer,
Event Location: 273 Erskine Rd. Stamford, CT 06903
Hosted By: Fitch House Miniature Club
Event Date: October 7, 2023, Time: 10:30 to 4:00
Details: All scales, morning snacks, coffee/beverages (BYO Lunch) Dessert, Raffle – Donations welcome. Sign‐ups until: September 30, 2023, All NAME Members are welcome.


Susan Sheridan, 505‐340‐5846
Event Location: 4201 Crestview Dr. SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Hosted By: Albuquerque Mini Makers
Event Date: Sat, October 21, 2023 ‐ 9:30 to 4:30
Details: Kit cost + ship, all scales, Registration thru July 15th, 2023. Continental breakfast, potluck lunch, gift exchange, raffles, exhibits. All NAME Members are welcome.

Dot Roberts, 480‐251‐9497 leave message.
Event Location: University of San Diego, Belanich Engineering Center 102, 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego CA 92110
Hosted By: San Diego Miniature Crafters
Event Date: October 7, 2023, Time: 10:00 am – All Scales
Details: Cost $20 (includes kit), Registration open until Oct 1st, 2023, limited seating (15 people).


Pattie Hong, 530‐432‐3271
Event Location: Roseville Elks Lodge 3000 Brady Lane, Roseville, Ca 95747
Hosted By: By Small Design
Event Date: November 4, 2023 ‐ 10:00 to 3:00
Details:  All Scales Cost: $25 plus kit, continental breakfast and lunch is $20, Donation Drawings and Goody Bags. All NAME Members are welcome. Sign‐ups until: August 10th, 2023.

REGION Canada West

Terry Parkin, 604‐521‐8989
Event Location: TBA
Hosted By: MCBC – NAME Day
Event Date: October 7, 2023, Time: TBA
Details: Cost: TBA 1:12 and 1:48 scales All NAME Members are welcome. Sign‐ups until: June 30th, 2023.


Barbara Thornton‐Hill
Event Location: ZOOM
Hosted By: Mini Cyber Club
Event Date:
Details: No registration necessary.  Watch MCC for the link.  October 8th (Sunday) 1:00 pm Eastern time   Assemble your kits with others on Zoom, door prizes, & sharing. All scales. You order your own kit from one of the cutters or cut it yourself and join us for a fun day of assembly.


2023 NAME DAY Guidelines

The purpose of NAME Day is to unite and involve all NAME members by doing the same project, on the same day at different locations throughout the US and internationally.  Participation in an event may occur locally, statewide, regionally, or online.  Information will be in the NAME Miniature Gazette to encourage all NAME members participation. 

Dates:  As a way to kick off International Dollhouse and Miniatures Month, NAME Day will always be on the first Saturday of October.  This year it will be on Saturday, October 7, 2023.  Expanded events (or areas with conflicting dates) should occur as close to this dates as is reasonably possible. 

Project:  All events will be a one-time only project, this year is “The Three Sided Vignette”.  Plans for the project will be made available as soon as they are available.

1. This event is for NAME members and NAME Clubs only.  Non-NAME members should be encouraged and invited to join NAME so that they can participate in this event.  All efforts should be made to include ALL NAME members in an area.  Events could be held locally, statewide, regionally, or online.  Clubs might get together with other clubs; small groups of individuals in remote areas could met in someone’s home.  Whatever the size of the event, the goal should be to welcome and invite all members.  Event sponsors are encouraged to work with their State Representatives and Regional Coordinators to connect with members in their area and support/assist in planning their event. 

2.  Local event committees will determine their theme, accessories, length of the events (one day, mini weekend, etc.) and costs.

3.  Insurance is available through the NAME office for events sponsored by a NAME Club and held in public locations in both the US and Canada.  The form is available online.  Insurance requests must be filed with the NAME office by August 1, 2023.  

4.  We encourage participation for NAME shop owners and members.  If a shop/shop owner is a NAME member, he/she may sponsor a NAME Day event BUT participation is limited to NAME members only. 

5.  Fees are to be set locally with all efforts made to keep costs low and reasonable.  Because NAME is a non-profit organization, any profit from your event must be used for educational or charitable purposes.  Please also remembers that we are a part of a national organization and it would be nice if you could find a way to make a financial donation to NAME and specify the NAME Day fund.  This fund is what supports the free kits event planners can receive and we are always running low on this fund.  You could add a few dollars onto your registration fee, plan some type of fundraiser  for NAME such as a selling tickets for donated “helper” prizes, or donate a portion of your event profit to NAME.  This is not a requirement, but any donation is always appreciated, and future availability of free sample kits is dependent on these funds. 

6.  This year, we will be able to supply a kit.  This will be available to event planners who register for NAME Day.  We will continue to take this one year at a time so it is possible free kits may not be available at all in the future.

7.  To register your event, please contact:

Barbara Thornton-Hill

2022 NAME Day Event Coordinator


The Event Application form is available here.  

8.  In order to have your event listed in the July/August NAME Miniature Gazette your event must be registered with Barbara, by April 1, 2023.  Once your information is received, it will be listed on the NAME website in a timely manner. 

9.  Kit Cutters Needed:  If you are interested in being on the NAME list of cutters please contact:  Barbara Thornton-Hill,, 650-380-2028.  She will send you a form for the application and information to be listed. 

10.  Kits Cutters, Regional Teams, and Event Planners may not sell the NAME Day kits as fundraisers after the event. This is a one year only project, special for the 2023 NAME Day, and is much like a souvenir at a Houseparty or Convention.  Since this is a special event, we ask that the kits not be manufactured after October 31, 2023.  Kits that are left over may be sold to NAME members only.  (Kits donated at a later time to regions or NAME such as in an estate donation or downsizing donation are exempt from this rule.)

11.  Event sponsors are asked to place their orders with the kit cutters of their choice as soon as possible to allow sufficient time for the production of kits.  To ensure delivery in time for your event, the cutoff date for ordering kits is August 15, 2023.  Shipping dates for the continental United States will begin September 1, 2023.  Shipping dates for Alaska, Hawaii, and internationally will be mutually determined between the event sponsor and kit cutter. 

12.  Following your event, please send photos and event highlights to: 

Barbara Thornton-Hill

Cynthia Erickson
Gazette Editor

so they may be shared online and in the NAME Miniature Gazette.

2023 NAME DAY Pin Order Forms

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